hungary? why wait!

Hello again, all!  I am back!  Our computer is happily residing in Iowa once again, so I am eager to return to the blogging.  I’m incredibly behind, so bare with me on this…… Continue reading

In Conclusion…

My dear, wonderful, treasured readers… It’s hard to believe it, but indeed we have reached the end of our stay in The Netherlands!  Tomorrow this computer is getting packed up and heading back… Continue reading

“Eat”-talia, part 3, the grand canal-e

Hello, hello.  It’s hard to believe it, but we have made it to the final portion of the Italy blog posts!  We wrapped in the trip in a really pretty and unique city by the… Continue reading

“Eat”-alia, part 2

Welcome back, everyone!  The Italian excursion continues…  And as you will see in this post, I’m not joking about the “eat” part!   I believe I left you on our 2 1/2 hour train… Continue reading

“Eat”-alia, part 1

Boy oh boy, do I have things to share with you today, readers!  We just returned from an 8-day holiday in Italy, and it was absolutely wonderful in every way possible…  You may… Continue reading

gaudi en la casa

Hola, all of you lovely people!  I would like to take a quick moment to announce that this is my 50th blog post!!  Woo hoo!  Who would have thought I would post 50… Continue reading

check, check, check

Hello to all my lovely readers!   As we are only a few months from the end of our Dutch adventure (insert sigh of disbelief and mixed emotions), we have created a little… Continue reading

have i told you lately…

Hello everyone!  It has been a while, and that’s because there is not a ton happening here the past couple of months.  This is a busy, busy time of year for the CPA… Continue reading

untimely topics

Hello everyone! Well, it has been quite some time since I last posted about life.  I hope you are all up for a little extension of the holiday season… I believe that I… Continue reading

A Joyous Holiday Season to You & Yours – from Detoursixty3!

Happy Holidays, friends!  I hope that you have all been enjoying the holidays and all the exciting festivities and traditions surrounded by friends and family! This post, unlike the majority of those thus far, is coming… Continue reading

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