Good afternoon, readers!

You may have seen the title and thought that I have already begun to make noticeable typos.  Not true, my friends.  I have started on my quest to conquer the Dutch language!  You may have guessed it, but hallo is the Dutch way of saying hello.  Pretty impressive, right?  After a recent label-maker purchase, I think I might start labeling everything in Dutch to help it sink in! 🙂

Well the language learning is just one of the many projects currently underway in our household.  There’s also the getting my name changed on everything, getting paperwork ready for the move, oh and packing up all of our belongings in BOTH of our homes.  Yay!

The packing is where I would like to focus today.  We have been faced with the decision of “What will you take with you?”  This is a challenge, as we have no idea what to expect for space or storage.  We are opting to have too few of things rather than too much stuff.  We’ll have clothes, sure.  We’ll probably take some bedding and dishes.  I’m trying to imagine what little things I will be lost without and will have no idea how to procure over there.  I’ve heard rumor that American deodorant is far better than what’s available in Nederland. (See what I did there?  That’s how the Dutch would say it.)  A great tip, for sure.

I’m curious though…if you were moving across the pond, what would you HAVE to take with you?

Until next time, thanks for stopping by!