embracing our inner tourists

Hello readers!

Weekend trip #1 is officially in the record book. This past weekend, BC and I made our way by train (my first train ride) to Amsterdam, the most well-known city in The Netherlands. The train ride was about 45 minutes and included about 5 stops before we arrived at the very large and happening Amsterdam Central Station. We luckily were staying at a hotel nearby the train station, so we could dump our bag and head out. We were happy just being tourists and not worrying about trying to look like a local! We took in plenty of sights over Saturday and Sunday, such as the Van Gogh Art Museum, the Heineken Brewery tour, a canal boat tour, and the “floating” flower market. Overall, Amsterdam is such a sight to see with the canals, brick canal houses and the bicycles everywhere. Of course there are other “sights” known to Amsterdam that were also very present. :). We enjoyed our weekend, despite the 90 degree weather and 8+ miles of walking on my semi-healed foot. All-in-all, a good time, and we look forward to many trips to Amsterdam with our visitors!

Back in The Hague, not too much new. BC is diving right in at work. He has been meeting lots of people, as they slowly come back to work from holiday (pretty much everyone takes time off in August apparently). He has also been experimenting in the cafeteria at lunch, noting the large amount of bread consumed by his Dutch colleagues. Although, I think he will be avoiding any further adventures with the “raw meat spread” he tried last week. :).

As for me, I am still getting used to this new domestic role…doing laundry every couple days, washing dishes, and all that fun stuff! I have mastered the 10 or so American TV channels…Discovery, History, MTV, E!. I have unfortunately been getting my fill of the Kardashians as the last season has been on repeat…yes, I have stooped that low! :). We are looking forward to our move at the end of the month, so I can really start getting our things settled at home. I have also found several clubs, classes and activities that I plan to check out when they get going again in September.

We have been finding some great dining spots over the past couple weeks, and we are eager to keep checking out the hot spots. We have yet to get into the shopping scene, but I am very much looking forward to giving that a go as well. 🙂

Well, I think that is all I have for now. Hope everyone is doing well back home. A special Happy Birthday shout out to my Grandma, who had a birthday last week. Love you!

Until next time,