we’re learning

Hello everyone!

I’m back with updates of our latest experiences.  I’ve entitled this post “we’re learning” as this is a constant theme of our new life here in Den Haag.

I’ve recently started a few classes (art lessons and Dutch lessons) which have contributed quite literally to my learning process.  I’m doing some sketching right now in my art lessons (project #1 posted here – I’m posting so you can reference back to where I started when I’m creating masterpieces later).  Dutch lessons are VERY basic right now – alphabet, numbers, dates, ect.

I’ve also been able to go to a few activities with the American Women’s Club, where I’ve learned a lot as well.  The recent Prinsjesdag traditions were exciting to watch (see Facebook for far more photos then you would need), and I learned a lot about the royal family of The Netherlands from the ladies who have been here a while.  Tomorrow I’m attending a Dutch products class where I am going to be learning about some cooking and household products here in comparison with those from home.  Should be informative for my new domesticated life! 🙂  We purchased some food-related books from the American Book Center recently as well, which are quite detailed.  We used our new-found knowledge to venture to the butcher the other day and procure some tasty meats.

We are also learning that when in a group of people, the conversation will most likely be in Dutch unless it is directed at us specifically.  Clearly, this is to be expected.  It feels a little awkward at first, but we are getting use to it.

BC continues to have constant learning experiences at work, as he is building relationships with his Dutch colleagues and working on challenging new projects.  He has mentioned that although his coworkers are quite direct (as the Dutch are known to be), they are not completely receptive to him responding in the same manner all the time.  He has also learned that he has to sit with his department at lunch or else he will get some strange looks.

We are masters at building IKEA furniture these days as well, and we have successfully finished all of our building projects at this point.  The place is starting to come together, and we are getting some personal touches added.  Still awaiting our sea shipment from home, but we are learning the importance of patience with the processes here! 🙂

We’ve learned that the warnings were true…the rain and cold have set in!  The last couple of weeks have been primarily rainy and mid-50’s to low-60’s…not quite the same weather that we had been enjoying so much.  We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our shipment, as it contains all of our coats…

The weekends are starting to fill up for the remainder of 2012, which is really exciting!  We have a work event with BC’s office this weekend, visitors next weekend, and more travels planned in the future (including a couple of flights back across the pond).  I’m going to do another post soon about our recent trip to Brussels, but if you are interested, the photos are out on Facebook.

Ok friends, that is all for today.  More to come on our trip soon…

Hope everyone’s Autumn is off to a good start!!

Until next time,