Denmark – land of the lost coats

Hello dear readers!  It has been a short while, so I thought I would bring you a few updates and also additional details behind our weekend in Copenhagen, Denmark.

First, the trip!  We flew to Copenhagen on a Friday afternoon (about an hour flight) to meet one of BC’s good friends, Josh, who had been in Europe for work that week.  We arrived at the airport (and I was disappointed that we did not get our passports checked again – I’m never going to fill up with stamps!) and met Josh there.  We opted for the train to the city center and had our first encounter with the crazy exchange rate we would face all weekend.  It was 108 DKK for our three tickets on the train!  What, 108?!  But wait, that was only around 14 EUR…more acceptable.  Yes, one krone was approx. 0.13 euro.  So everything we did costs hundreds of krones, which was just an odd experience.

Anyway, we arrived at central station only to make the same move we have on previous trips…no idea where to go at that point.  Fabulous.  We resorted to technology again and went for the iPhone navigation…we made about 3 or 4 U-turns and then we were on the right track!  We arrived at the hotel, got a dinner recommendation and headed back out.  We went to the Nyhaven area, which is beautiful!  In the daylight, there are rows of brightly colored buildings lining the harbor, and it was charmingly lit up in the evening.  After dinner, we wandered back to the hotel and the guys opted to hit the lounge for a few cocktails.  I thought they could use some bonding time, so I called it a night.

Now this is where my title comes in.  BC realized in the morning that he did not have his jacket anymore…  A mystery.  We came to the conclusion that it was left in the lounge the night before, but shockingly, no one had seen it!  It is not exactly warm in the Scandinavian countries this time of year…so he was now disadvantaged.

It was a cool, damp morning, so we knew walking around would be somewhat limited (not to mention that the city is much more spread out than other European cities we’ve visited to date).  We decided to take a city bus tour.  1) we could see everything that Copenhagen is known for and 2) we wouldn’t have to walk or pay for taxi’s.

This was our sweet ride.

Oh yeah, we sat up top on the double-decker! (it did fill up eventually)

The bus tour was fun…we saw historic buildings, the Little Mermaid statue, and we took the hop off option to watch the changing of the guards at the royal family’s winter palace.  I had the opportunity to take lots of photos…that’s my favorite activity.  After the changing of the guards, we had time to kill before the next bus, so we decided to walk to the next stop, Nyhaven, for lunch.

Some of the sights along the way – shooting out the windows.

The guys showing off the Little Mermaid.

Changing of the Guards.


From there, we decided that there was only one other stop on the tour we really wanted to go to…Christiana, which had been described on the tour as a “must see hippie village” in the middle of town. (I was intrigued.)  So we headed that way for a quick walk through.  I don’t think I could accurately describe this place…it was unlike anything I had seen before.  Definitely a “hippie village” filled with colorful trailers, tons of graffiti, lots of homemade goods and some other goods that you might naturally associate with a hippie village.  I wasn’t allowed to take any photographs there, so you will have to use the imagination.

Then on to what BC had been most excited about (and Josh least excited about) – a tour of the Carlsberg Brewery.  The tour contained a few samples, some interesting history on the brewery (including it’s pre-war use of the swastika as a part of their brand), and a very cool beer bottle collection that contains over 21,000 bottles.  Of course, BC gathered up a few goods at the gift shop for his future “mancave” that we will have.

Entrance to Carlsberg. (4 massive elephant statues)

One row of the bottle collection.

We had heard of something called the Ice Bar, and Josh had done some research throughout the day to determine that it was nearby, it was open, and we should go!  So after dropping off all of our new goodies from the day, we headed to check it out and see if it was possible to get in.  Luckily, we showed up at the right time and they had an opening in 10 minutes!  We got all geared up in the heavy overcoat/cape that was required (and attached gloves) and headed in for our time slot.  It was pretty cool to see – walls, tables, bar and glasses all hand constructed with ice.  Basically, we went in and got our first cocktail, then took photos for 20 minutes, then got our second cocktail, and then we were ready to go.  It was a very small space, so you only needed so much time.  Not to mention that my legs from the knee down and my feet were frozen too!

All three of us at the Ice Bar!

Here’s one from the 20-minute photo shoot.

What a jam-packed day!  We saw a lot of the city and had a few fun stops along the way.  Sunday, we went for sleeping in, having a good hotel breakfast (including Danish’s – or whatever a Danish person would choose to call them), and then heading to the airport to catch our flights. [side noteduring the repacking in the morning, Josh had also realized that his coat was nowhere to be found – another lost coat!]  For anyone who has not been to the Copenhagen airport – it is nice!  There was ridiculous high-end shopping to be done, if you were interested.  But we went for a massive Cola Light instead! 🙂

In other news, we hosted some of the other expats with E&Y’s global exchange program in Den Haag last weekend.  We gave them the grand tour of all the key sights, including a glimpse of the Prime Minister, who “just happened” to be dining at the same cafe as us over lunch.  Clearly, we had planned that…this is the governmental hub of The Netherlands!  It was fun to hear everyone’s experiences and reflect back on our first couple months.  We are looking forward to many  more adventures with them!

The crew in front of Parliament.

Other than that, not much else is new here.  We did have our first electrical issue this week – we exploded a Sonicare toothbrush charger.  Never fear – we have back-ups.  BC is also bummed that we may not get to use the 42 inch TV we sent over due to some video format conversion issues.  We just received some art supplies that we had ordered, so I’m painting now!  When I have a good collection made, I will show you results.

Our calendar is getting pretty jam-packed for the remainder of the year (on weekends, anyway).  Lots of fun to look forward to, and to report on again soon!

Until next time,