proud wife moment

Good morning readers and a special shout out to all my snowed-in peeps! (because that really stinks.)  I just wanted to take a moment to brag about my super duper husband!

Yesterday, BC ran in the CPC Loop (meaning City to Pier to City) HALF MARATHON!  Given that it is his busy season for work, which means no running during the week, and it has been cold/snowy on the weekends, training wasn’t all that easy for him leading up to the race.  I’m sure he would have liked a little more time to prepare!  I would like to also point out that it was about 32 degrees and even snowed for a while during the run…  These are all reasons that I would have backed out.   (oh wait, I did back out of the 5K that I was suppose to participate in.)  But he did it!!  And he beat his goal time…

We had no idea that this race was quite as big as it was – there were thousands of runners in the 5K, 10K, and half marathon…it was insane.  I played the role of cheerleader, making it to 3 spots along the route: about the 1K mark, 12 or 13K mark and then at 20K right before the final push.

The first stop – about 1K into the run – was pure madness.  Everyone was bunched together and although I was on the sidewalk, I was in the middle of the action along with the other spectators.  Luckily, I had told BC where I would be, so he gave me a good photo op!

You can kind of see the crowd, but this was toward the very end...not even at its craziest.

You can kind of see the crowd, but this was toward the very end…not even at its craziest.

What a great photo op!

What a great photo op!

Here he comes!

Here he comes!  I enjoy that the poncho guy smiled also.

As soon as the runners ended at this spot, I hopped a tram (which had been stopped for the race) and headed towards stop #2.  I then had to walk for about 15 minutes (definitely speed walking because I had no clue when BC would go by) and found my spot near the big band and a lady in a banana suit.  At this spot, I endured (as did the runners I suppose) a quick snow storm.  And although I was very focused, I was so excited when I spotted BC on the other side of the road that I didn’t have my camera ready.

Seriously - this happened.

Seriously – this happened.

One quick, last-minute shot.

One quick, last-minute shot.

Then it was back to the power-walking, back to the tram, and towards the final stretch of the race.  I had set up along the fence on the side of the road with one of BC’s co-workers, Jan.  We quickly realized that we were not going to be able to see anything if we didn’t get inside the barriers like everyone else…(what are these barriers for again!?)  We ended up with a great spot though, and we saw him come through – looking good!

Look at all the people coming!

Look at all the people coming!  Hard to spot the one person you are looking for.  You might also notice in the crowd that people are mostly “watching” and not doing a lot of “cheering”.  It was odd.

Here he comes!  Looking good!

Here he comes! Looking good!

Giving me the #1. :)

Giving me the #1.

Then he was on to the finish line.

Runners headed to the finish.

Runners headed to the finish.

Not having any clue how the park was set up for the race, we decided to set a meeting point at the NW corner of the park.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t cross the race path, so I would have to walk along it and then go around.  Well, that didn’t work…as they had gated off the park.  I ended up walking back to the SE corner of the park and going all the way around.  Poor BC was freezing when I finally got to the right spot.

He's freezing!

He’s freezing!

Overall – what an accomplishment and an exciting day!

With his medal - so proud of you!!

With his medal – so proud of you!!

In other news, BC had a birthday last week.  Although it wasn’t the same to celebrate without friends and family, he had a special day and was gifted with BEAUTIFUL weather!  And a “Happy Birthday” shout out to my favorite father-in-law who has a birthday tomorrow!!

Until next time,