flower power

Happy Monday, everyone!  I have been rambling about how excited I have been for Spring for quite some time now, and this weekend, it finally happened!  Saturday: mid-50’s and sunny.  Sunday: low-70’s!!  AMAZING.

Naturally, we decided that we MUST do something outdoors in this beautiful weather.  Saturday, we did some shopping in the city center for necessities like vacuum bags and water bottle filters.  We also went to the Asian Market for some frozen pot stickers (we love them oh so much), and a specialty grocery store for their amazing pesto!  We even hit up the expat grocery store in search of velveeta cheese to go with our rotel, but we ended up with these instead:

Worth the 1 euro fare!

Worth the 1 euro fare!

Then we decided to just enjoy the evening on our lovely terrace, which has been neglected for some time.

Snacks & Sunshine

Snacks & Sunshine

Then Sunday was the day that I have been waiting for…a visit to the nearby Keukenhof garden!  Let me throw a few stats at you from my park guide book (yes, I paid the 4 euros for it) to give you a better idea of the garden:

  • The world’s most beautiful spring garden, featuring 7 million bulbs.  These bulbs are donated by 85 growers and exporters from across The Netherlands.
  • Attracts more than 800,000 visitors every year, over 75% of them from abroad.
  • Keukenhof was an herb garden in the 15th century for residents of the nearby castle, which is where the name keukenhof (kitchen courtyard) came from.
  • More than 600 Dutch growers participate in the flower shows within the pavilions on site at the garden.

Now tell me you’re not impressed…

The garden definitely had a ways to go, as many of the flowers had not yet bloomed due to the cold weather so far this Spring, but there were also many flowers in bloom.  The garden itself was beautiful and well maintained.  The size alone was impressive.  The indoor garden shows were wonderful as well.  We were able to explore the tulip show, rose show and orchid displays while we were there.

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words.  I’m not really into long blog posts, so I will just use these photos to describe it.  (PS – many more on Facebook – need to keep some space available for future posts on the blog.) Enjoy!


Just showing you how clean the lines were – very well maintained.


He was operating as my placeholder, so people wouldn’t step into my photos. Got a few of him too…


Close up.


An open area of the park.


They even have human flowers here.


BC wasn’t impressed with my rendition of Snow White’s “I’m Wishing” here…


No sunny Sunday would be complete without a little ice cream!


Best. Model. Ever.


What Dutch adventure would be complete without a windmill?!


The fields are starting to get colorful…next time!


Kangaroo chair? Don’t mind if I do.


Thanks to BC for capturing a few shots of me too!


Panorama of one of the tulip displays inside.


A wall of orchids.

Some pretty unique stuff in there!

Some pretty unique stuff in there!

Luckily for us, we have tickets to go again later this Spring to see the garden in full bloom!  Can’t wait.  And next weekend, there is a 25-mile flower parade that travels along the main roads just to the North of here.  You know I love a good parade…we will be there.

Now for those of you who know my husband, you might be asking yourself if all this flower stuff took away from his love of golf this “Master’s” weekend.  Don’t worry – there was plenty of this too…

I kind of enjoy that all of the sporting events start late in the evenings here...

I kind of enjoy that all of the sporting events start late in the evenings here…

I would like to leave you with a great image of me and my impression of the famous and wise saying…”Sun’s out, gun’s out”

You're welcome.

You’re welcome.

Have a great week!

Until next time,