Monthly Archive: May, 2013

we went to ghent

Good morning, everyone! (or good afternoon to my European followers)  I hope you’ve had enough time to absorb the information overload that came from the Paris post!  Believe it or not, we did… Continue reading

bon jour, merci, oui…?

Hello, hello everyone!  It has been a while, and I’m sure you have missed my writing very much.  To make up for it, I think this might become my longest post yet, as… Continue reading

fifty shades of orange

Here it is, folks…the post you have been waiting for about Queen’s Night & Day, the investiture of the new king and all the celebrations that go with it! Firstly, I have had… Continue reading

the calm before the storm

Hello, my friends!  I’m coming to you in a state of exhaustion today following a few crazy and festive days here in The Netherlands.  I am breaking up the weekend and Monday/Tuesday’s holiday… Continue reading

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