In Conclusion…

My dear, wonderful, treasured readers…

It’s hard to believe it, but indeed we have reached the end of our stay in The Netherlands!  Tomorrow this computer is getting packed up and heading back to America.  We will be following shortly behind ourselves, departing next weekend.  I have so much to tell you about from our last month’s travels, but that will unfortunately have to wait until we are back with the computer stateside!  Check back in a few weeks for that.


Now, for my final post while living abroad, it seems only appropriate to address the two questions that will likely be the last asked here/first asked when we get home…


1. What are we most excited for when we get home?

  • The obvious answer here is our friends and family.  We are beyond thrilled to be located closer to them again!  It’s amazing how much you can miss in just two years’ time…but we also feel like we have been able to stay in pretty close contact with many people.  Thanks to everyone who has been thinking of us and reaching out along the way.  We couldn’t have done this without you!!
  • Wedding Gifts – many have been packed away in storage, but we now get to be real grown-ups with nice stuff!  I guess this means I really have to cook now…
  • I’m personally excited to get back to work and establish a more fulfilling daily routine…
  • Target.  It really is irreplaceable! 🙂
  • Mexican food, grilling food at home, grocery store selection.
  • BC is very excited to get his golf game back in shape!


2. What will we miss most about The NL?

  • The slow, relax paced of living has been a nice change.  I think it won’t be long before we are rushing around again!
  • Public transportation – we have loved taking advantage of the trains, trams and buses here.  Not driving a car everywhere has been refreshing!  I have enjoyed walking down the street to our neighborhood stores or to the city center to shop.  (We’ve had the occasional bike ride here or there too.)
  • Clearly, we will miss the traveling potential.  We are so lucky to have been able to see a lot of Europe, and some of it with our good friends and family here too!  This was a definite highlight of our time here…getting around is so easy and much less expensive when you are here.
  • I think we have also been put outside of our comfort zones quite a bit during this journey…and I’m surprised that I think we will miss it.  It doesn’t always feel good at the time, but the personal growth we have seen individually and together by overcoming challenges is exponential!  We will have to make sure this trend continues…
  • Of course, here, we will also miss the people we have bonded with over the past two years.  I would like to take a moment to thank each and every one of you who have helped us get acquainted with our new country/city, befriended us even though we were here temporarily and made it feel like home!  A special shout out to our expat friends, who have been wonderful!  Thank you for sharing such a special time in our lives with us and for being there when we needed you.  To them and our local friends as well, we couldn’t have done this without you!!


Well, it’s back to the packing for me.  Thanks to everyone who has been reading and following along throughout this wild, crazy and amazing period of time!


In conclusion, we experienced so much in the past two years and we can’t wait to see what life has in store for us next!


Licks Finger.  Turns Page.  Next Chapter.