what is detour sixty 3?

You may be wondering to yourself, “what is this detour sixty 3 all about?”  Well folks, I’m here to fill you in!

About a year ago, I received news of a major upcoming decision for my fiance and I…would we be willing to up and move to The Netherlands for a few years for his career?  Although there were many periods of concern, doubt and straight-up fear, there was never any waivering from our response…ABSOLUTELY!

This decision came with a TON of thoughts for me…what would I do with myself?!?  Would I stay on the path of the accounting career, doing my photography hobby on the side for fun with hopes of change someday?  Or would I take this time to explore, learn and determine what it is that I was put on this earth to do?!  (seems like an easy question when I put it that way…right?)

After many internal debates, I’ve decided to take the “Scenic Detour” through Holland, observing, seeking inspiration, taking classes, and enjoying the ride.  This blog is dedicated to bringing everyone back home a taste of my journey!

Now it all makes sense, doesn’t it?  Oh wait, there’s that “Sixty 3” part.  Now, I would love to have a great meaning here as well, but alas, I have only a breif story…

The number 63 dates back to around the junior high time frame for me.  I was sitting there at the Harrison County Fair bingo table with my dad.  I called out “BINGO” three times in a row, all on the O63 call.  Since this favorite number of mine has been used as a sports # (didn’t last long given my lack of athletic ability) and was incorporated into numerous doodles and various usernames for me.  It seemed very appropriate to incorporate that into the title.