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In Conclusion…

My dear, wonderful, treasured readers… It’s hard to believe it, but indeed we have reached the end of our stay in The Netherlands!  Tomorrow this computer is getting packed up and heading back… Continue reading

WALKING in a winter wonderland.

You may have noticed the emphasis on WALKING in the winter wonderland…  Unlike the driving that I wasn’t fond of on snowy days back in Iowa, I now am restricted to transportation using… Continue reading

thankful, although turkey-less

A very Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families, dear readers!! And of course, a Happy Black Friday too! I wanted to make a quick Thanksgiving post to express how extremely grateful I… Continue reading

we’re learning

Hello everyone! I’m back with updates of our latest experiences.  I’ve entitled this post “we’re learning” as this is a constant theme of our new life here in Den Haag. I’ve recently started… Continue reading

your questions answered…accountants’ list style

Now that we have been here a little while, we are getting a lot questions about how it feels to live here in Den Haag in comparison with our lives at home. I… Continue reading

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