the gifts of gab and guinness

Well hello there, readers.  It has happened again…I’m behind in blogging.  Shocking, right? I wanted to start out this post by sharing with you all some photos from a ‘work party’ that we… Continue reading

alimentos y bebidas

Hola, readers!  If any of you can remember back to your high school Spanish classes, you might know that the title of this post is “Food & Drinks.”  After a month hiatus from… Continue reading

life is an autobahn

Did you see what I did there?  The great road trip song “Life is a Highway” just isn’t as fitting when we are talking about the great German Road Trip Adventure! After our… Continue reading

my american fix

Welcome back, readers! A last minute business trip sent us home to Iowa just a few weeks ago.  With only 5 days at home and short notice, squeezing in visits with as many… Continue reading

i heart norway

Well, one entire bottle of Dramamine later, I have returned safely from our week-long German road trip adventure!  More to come on that later.  But first, back to where I last left you…… Continue reading

a fika with friends

Seriously, I’m back already.  Can you believe this?! Up next, a little visit and trip with my wonderful friend, Erin and her hubby (and also a wonderful friend), Tyler. Unfortunately, the start of… Continue reading

peaceful, but pricey

Hello, my reader friends! Wow, what have we not been doing lately?  That might be an easier blog post!  For this story, I’m going to focus on our time in Oslo, Norway.  I’ll… Continue reading

bubbles and buddies

Well hi there, friends!  I’m back with more exciting adventures as our summer of visits from US friends continues. But first, a little fun in our own location.  A few weekends back, we… Continue reading

we’ve got some catching up to do!

Dearest family, friends and assorted readers – Oh my, am I behind on blogging or what?  My sincere apologies for my disappearance.  I had promised you details of the remainder of Andrea and… Continue reading


Good morning, friends!  The adventures continue… First up, I would like to share with you all our weak attempt to be American on the 4th of July this year.  We have been rebelling… Continue reading

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