please mind the gap

Season’s Greetings!  I hope you are feeling especially festive these days.  I know that I sure am (even despite our lack of home holiday decor). My festiveness was kicked-off nicely with a trip… Continue reading

high altitude & price tags!

Greetings!  I am here to provide some details of a few events in our recent past:  Sinterklaas, Crossing Borders Music & Literary Festival, and of course, Switzerland travels. I will begin with our… Continue reading

thankful, although turkey-less

A very Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families, dear readers!! And of course, a Happy Black Friday too! I wanted to make a quick Thanksgiving post to express how extremely grateful I… Continue reading

we’re coming to America…TODAY!

As some of you might be aware, we recently ventured back to the United States for the wedding of two great peeps, Brad & Kelly.  We were looking forward to the trip for… Continue reading

Denmark – land of the lost coats

Hello dear readers!  It has been a short while, so I thought I would bring you a few updates and also additional details behind our weekend in Copenhagen, Denmark. First, the trip!  We… Continue reading

where my girls at?

Goededag, friends! I’m back with details of a very fun weekend with our first crew of visitors: Mandi, Julie, Caitlin and Lindsey!  The ladies arrived last Friday and stayed three nights with us… Continue reading

ik spreek Nederlands!

Ok, ok, I am just kidding.  I don’t speak Dutch…yet!  I’m working hard to get there though. Anyway, I believe I had promised a post on our recent weekend in Brussels.  The trip… Continue reading

we’re learning

Hello everyone! I’m back with updates of our latest experiences.  I’ve entitled this post “we’re learning” as this is a constant theme of our new life here in Den Haag. I’ve recently started… Continue reading

your questions answered…accountants’ list style

Now that we have been here a little while, we are getting a lot questions about how it feels to live here in Den Haag in comparison with our lives at home. I… Continue reading

we are ‘home’

Yet another round of packing last week…we are getting use to this process. But this time offered a light at the end of the tunnel, UNPACKING! We moved into our new apartment last… Continue reading

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